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Microsoft Excel 2007 - Sort & Filter, Macros in Excel 2007, Page Properties

Sort & Filter
Basic Sorts
To execute a basic descending or ascending sort based on one column:
. Highlight the cells that will be sorted
. Click the Sort & Filter button on the Home tab
. Click the Sort Ascending (A-Z) button or Sort Descending (Z-A) button
Custom Sorts
To sort on the basis of more than one column:
.	Click the Sort & Filter button on the Home tab
.	Choose which column you want to sort by first
.	Click Add Level
.	Choose the next column you want to sort
.	Click OK

Filtering allows you to display only data that meets certain criteria. To filter:
.	Click the column or columns that contain the data you wish to filter
.	On the Home tab, click on Sort & Filter
.	Click  Filter button
.	Click the Arrow at the bottom of the first cell
.	Click the Text Filter
.	Click the Words you wish to Filter

. To clear the filter click the Sort & Filter button
. Click Clear
Macros in Excel 2007
Recording a Macro
Macros are advanced features that can speed up editing or formatting you may perform often in an Excel worksheet. They record sequences of menu selections that you choose so that a series of actions can be completed in one step.
To record a Macro:
.	Click the View tab on the Ribbon
.	Click Macros
.	Click Record Macro
.	Enter a name (without spaces)
.	Enter a Shortcut Key
.	Enter a Description
Running a Macro
To run a Macro from the Keyboard shortcut, simply press the keys that you have programmed to run the Macro. Or you can view all macros and run by:
. Click Macros
. Click View Macros
. Choose the Macro and click Run
Deleting a Macro
Many macros that you record or create are used for a specific purpose; they are not intended to be used over and over again for long periods of time. This means that as your needs change, you will have occasion to delete macros. To delete a macro, follow these steps:
1. Choose the Macro option from the Tools menu, then choose Macros from the resulting submenu. This displays the Macro dialog box.

2. From the list of macros, select the macro you want to delete. The Delete button becomes available.

3. Click on Delete.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each macro you want to delete.

5. Click on Close when finished.
Page Properties
Set Page Margins
To set the page margins:
. Click the Margins button on the Page Layout tab
. Select one of the give choices, or
. Click Custom Margins

. Complete the boxes to set margins

. Click Ok
Change Page Orientation
To change the page orientation from portrait to landscape:
. Click the Orientation button on the Page Layout tab

. Choose Portrait or Landscape
To create a header or footer:
. Click the Header & Footer button on the Insert tab

. This will display the Header & Footer Design Tools Tab

. To switch between the Header and Footer, click the Go to Header or Go to Footer button
. To insert text, enter the text in the header or footer

. To enter preprogrammed data such as page numbers, date, time, file name or sheet name, click the appropriate button

. To change the location of data, click the desired cell
Set Page Breaks
You can manually set up page breaks in a worksheet for ease of reading when the sheet is printed. To set a page break:
. Click the Breaks button on the Page Layout tab

. Click Insert Page Break



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